Who am I? I am red and hungry!

Would you like to have a snack?

You can find various brain snacks across this website. Check below to see the main categories or just explore through the articles on the blog page.

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Product Management snacks

In 2018 I switched from Project Management to Product Management. As there is no professional education path for product management, everyone learns with a combination of reading about it and hands on experience. As you touch such a broad range of topics as a Product Manager, I would like to help others to find the right knowledge in the right depth, especially for new joiners in the product profession. Additionally I explore best practices and how well they worked out in my experience.

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Travel snacks

I am passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures. Fortunately I am able to travel for work and during my vacations.

Within this section you can read about my adventures in Hongkong, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland and Germany.  More to come!

The real snacks

A wild mix of cooking and baking as well as exploration of food in specific countries or country-based restaurants. Yum! 

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Random snacks

Anything else which does not fit in the previous categories. From "D" like my deep love about everything dinosaur branded to "V" like videogames. Pretty random stuff.